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CQL Database Management System (V.6.8)
    CQL Database Management System (V.6.8)
      AT&T UNIX System V
      IBM RS/6000/AIX
      SCO UNIX
    Combines with B-tree file system to form database and program
    development system. Supports ANSI X3.135 SQL language specification.
    Provides on-line interpreter and C program interface. Includes
    portable application support system, data definition language, data
    manipulation language, data types and other features. Provides C
    program library, Report Generation System, Portable Windowing System
    and Screen I/O System.- 
    Combines with B-tree file system for form database and program
    development system. Portable across operating systems, compilers and
    hardware platforms. Supports ANSI X3.135 SQL language specification.
    Includes Portable Application Support System, which offers the report
    generation system, the portable windowing system and the screen I/O
    system. Uses indices to optimize queries. Optimizing algorithm
    chooses the best indices to use with comparisons, ANDs, ORs and
    subqueries. Supports variable length string fields with B-tree
    systems providing variable length record support. Offers configurable
    maximum field and record lengths. Allows user to develop an interface
    to most B-tree file systems. Confines all C library calls to a single
    module, so that modifications due to peculiarities of a compiler's
    library are confined to that one module. Creates a view with a CREATE
    VIew statement that includes a SEE clause. Allows only data which
    satisfies the VIEW's SELECT statement to be inserted into the table.
    Checks updates to prevent changes to data which cause the data to no
    longer satisfy the SELECT statement. Subqueries allow the results of
    one SELECT statement to be used as data input for another SELECT
    statement. Supports EXEC SQL or direct function calls. Offers left,
    center or right justification of report columns. Provides truncation,
    wrapping or word wrapping for long strings. Source code allows
    customization for other languages and environments.= $495 (source code incl.) 
      Machine Independent Software Corp.