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NIKA_ROOT CADEXnet (V.4.2) Database Applications, Inc. => Database Applications, Inc.
CADEXnet (V.4.2)
    CADEXnet (V.4.2)
    CADEXnet (V.4.2)
        DEC VAX
        Sun SPARCstation/SunOS
      = Free phone support 
      Catalogs drawing and document files. Links various document types
      into projects to help enforce document control. Employs same
      user-interface regardless of document type. Allows user to create
      customized databases and update existing databases automatically.- 
      Catalogs drawing and document files. For companies that need to
      manage, locate, retrieve, and share design information among users on
      their DOS, UNIX, and VMS networks. Front-ends AutoCAD or other CAD
      system drawings. Descriptive catalog cards give information about
      each drawing on the network. Revision control freezes old revisions
      of drawings and lets the user keep an audit trail showing changes
      during the life of a drawing. Time tracking tells who worked on which
      drawing and for how long. The Check-in/Check-out function lets the
      user bring drawings in and out of the library and tells who is working
      on them. Manages scanned raster files. Links to scanners, image
      editing and viewing software to manage and share scanned images along
      with CAD files. Manages all of the files related to drawings. Can be
      used as a front-end to WordPerfect, Lotus, PC faxboards and most other
      programs to organize work by project. Each project contains documents
      such as specs, spreadsheets, and faxes that relate to the drawings.
      Creates a database as the user fills in descriptive catalog cards for
      each document. The user can search on any item on any card in any
      project to find the documents being sought.
        computer-aided design (CAD)
        document management
      = 640 KB 
      = 5 MB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = $795 
      = 1,000 
      = 1991