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    Builds link between CADCore graphical objects and tabular data in
    Oracle DBMS to create intelligent database. Provides spatial SQL
    query capability, dynamic labeling and system administrator commands
    for defining standard mapping objects and their relationship to Oracle
    Provides a real-time link between CADCore drawing documents and an
    ORACLE database. Lets the user directly access attributes and related
    data in an ORACLE database without leaving the CADCore environment.
    Features spatial SQL query capability, dynamic labeling and full
    access to any other data that can be stored in ORACLE. The ability to
    make spatial queries allows the user to take full advantage of the
    database. Visually identifies a geographic area, inquires about all
    the valves installed before 1965, and highlights those valves with all
    the relevant data retrieved and displayed on-screen. Data can then be
    modified and updated from within CADCore. The System Administrator
    continues to control access to the database by setting privileges for
    individual users. The DBLink SQL Editor allows the user to type and
    execute SQL language statements within CADCore. Query output can be
    panned and scrolled in the SQL Viewer. The DBLink SQL Editor also
    supports spatial SQL queries. System Administrator commands allow the
    user to define standard mapping objects such as symbols and lines and
    their relationship to ORACLE tables. Dynamic labeling provides a
    means to label a graphical object on a CADCore drawing with its
    associated data, dynamically obtained from the symbol's associated
    ORACLE record. The Stamp command lets the user stamp a query report
    onto a CADCore drawing so the report is available whenever working
    with that drawing.= 2 MB 
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