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CA-Visual Realia
    CA-Visual Realia
        = 1996 
        = 1997 
    A Windows development environment providing Cobol programmers with the
     tools to create GUI client/server applications. Uses Cobol for the business
     logic and GUI Windows tools for the user interface and facilitates the
     development of new GUI corporate applications while allowing legacy systems
     to acquire a GUI front end. The program's user interface can be created
     by dragging controls onto forms, and then modifying the control's properties.
     Incorporates both Cobol custom controls and other controls for bitmaps
     and data grids for adding charts, spreadsheets, and animation. Programmers
     simply draw the Windows objects, such as buttons, list boxes, bitmaps,
     and edit fields, and it generates the code. Additional capabilities include:
     project management, client/server application development, enterprise-wide
     data access via ODBC, more than 20 ODBC drivers, a personal database,
     a GUI report designer, WYSIWYG report writer, life cycle management, a
     forms editor, an icon workbench, a high-speed Cobol compiler for DLLs,Cobol
     analysis, navigation and debugging, and database administration. Integrated
     debugging of user interface code and Cobol application code. Application
     runtimes can be distributed royalty free throughout an enterprise.

    = 1996 
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