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CA-Visual Objects
    CA-Visual Objects
        = 1996 
        = 1997 
    A business application development system for Windows. Combines an object-oriented
     language with access to databases in client/server environments. Based
     on an active object-oriented repository, it provides both the ease of
     use and fast prototyping capabilities of visual programming environments.
     A robust, extensible, object-oriented, native-code compiler integrated
     with a GUI development environment and replaceable database drivers. Database
     applications that require access to disparate databases on multiple platforms
     as well as other general business applications and even system-level programs,
     can be created without the coding necessary in traditional languages such
     as C or C++. Users can prototype applications using visual techniques
     and then complete them using object-oriented techniques. Provides the
     ability to create and call standard DLL, data-aware window and data access
     classes, source-code generators, and a host of other features.= 1996 
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