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CA-Visual Express
    CA-Visual Express
    Query, Reporting, and Analysis Tools
        = 1996 
    Through an intuitive GUI, accesses information residing in disparate data.
    Information can be retrieved from multiple data sources for queries,
    applications, reporting, or integration with other applications.
    ODBC-compliant and packaged with more than 20 ODBC drivers, accessing
    multiplatform databases and nonrelational file structures. Optional servers
    provide access to mainframe-based data, including nonrelational data
    sources such as VSAM, IMS, and sequential files. The scalable query builder
    allows users to select a query paradigm depending upon the query
    complexities or personal preference. Additionally, users can progressively
    move through the paradigms to complete the simplest to the most complex
    queries. Complex reports can be created with the provided templates, which
    generate default reports automatically. Fields, text, fonts, colors, and
    graphics can be added via a mouse click. Provides direct access to
    relational and nonrelational information throughout the enterprise.
      Computer Associates International Inc.
        = Islandia, NY 516–342–5224, 800–225–5224 
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