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    DBMS compatible with mainframe CA-DATACOM/DB. Includes DataDictionary
    and DataQuery components and PreCompiler for embedded SQL in COBOL.
    Supports CA-DATACOM call-level access and CA-IDEAL/PC. Run-time
    versions available for server and workstations.- 
    Database management and application development system, designed to
    provide portability across multiple platforms. Compatibility with the
    mainframe CA-DATACOM product line allows the development, maintenance
    and downsizing of applications on the PC. Offers both single user and
    multi-user versions. The multi-user, LAN-based version takes advantage
    of client-server architecture. The central server provides a shared
    environment for both dictionary and database access, including
    concurrent update and record-level locking. Features call-level
    record- and set-at-a-time access from both COBOL and C programs.
    Supports interactive SQL and includes a COBOL precompiler for embedded
    SQL. Interfaces are also provided for SQL and navigational access
    from CA-IDEAL/PC programs. Comprised of three components. The
    Database component provides SQL and navigational access with the same
    syntax and return codes as on the mainframe. The DataDictionary
    component offers administration tools and reporting facilities for all
    database objects in addition to providing for data validations via
    integrity constraints including referential integrities. The
    DataQuery component provides interactive SQL facilities for query and
    report management in Novice, Intermediate and Expert modes of
    operation. Facilities are included to transport database definitions
    between the PC and mainframe and to transfer data between different
    platforms and formats. Security and transaction management facilities
    are also provided.= 2 MB 
    = 8 MB 
    = Yes 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= No 
    = 1989