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Bulldog 1.6
    Bulldog 1.6
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
    Bulldog Media + Workflow Management software is a digital media asset-management
     application built on the Illustra object-relational DBMS from Informix
     Software. It allows users throughout an enterprise to connect workflow
     processes with media asset management to better manage the registration,
     search, retrieval, reuse, and sharing of digital assets, including images,
     sound, graphics, video, text and numbers. Runs on Windows NT, Silicon
     Graphics WebForce Media and Challenge servers. Client platforms include
     SGI, IRIX 6.2, Windows 95 and NT, Macintosh, and Netscape 3.0. Pricing
     starts at $24,000.=Pricing starts at $24,000 
      The Bulldog Group
        =San Mateo, CA; 800–382–4345, 415–571–8881 
        HTTP= http://www.bulldog.ca ->