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Btrieve 6.15 for Windows
    Btrieve 6.15 for Windows
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
    A version of Btrieve designed to run on 32-bit Windows operating systems.
     The application and database engine can be deployed on either Windows
     95 or Windows NT, allowing developers to target both environments with
     a single product. 16-bit Btrieve Windows applications can coexist with
     32-bit applications and share files through the common Btrieve database
     engine. Supports preemptive multi-tasking, which allows for more efficient
     use of computing time and operation when executing multiple programs concurrently.
     Uses Windows 95 and Windows NT registry features for centralized application
     configuration. Includes database logging and roll-forward facilities.
     Pervasive Software (formerly called Btrieve Technologies Inc.) also provides
     Btrieve 6.15 (Server Edition) for NetWare and Windows NT.=1996 
      Pervasive Software
        =Austin, TX; 800–287–4383, 512–794–1719 
        HTTP= http://www.btrieve.com ->