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Bigtec SQL Object for Windows (V.1.11)
    Bigtec SQL Object for Windows (V.1.11)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
      LAN Manager
    Database tool for Microsoft and Sybase SQL Server that runs in
    Microsoft Windows graphic environment. Adds/drops server and database
    users, grants/revokes privileges, binds/unbinds defaults and rules and
    builds/maintains object definitions. Includes Object Browser, Table
    Builder and Index Builder.- 
    Operates as an object manager for Microsoft and Sybase SQL Server and
    runs in the Microsoft Windows graphic environment. Assists with
    developing and managing SQL Server objects such as tables, indexes,
    stored procedures, triggers, views, defaults and rules. Supports
    connecting to multiple SQL Servers and data bases at the same time.
    Consists of an object browser, a table builder, an index builder,
    custom object templates, an interactive command window to SQL Server
    and an integrated help facility. Object browser allows users to
    browse through data bases, users and objects, assign privileges,
    display information and create binds. Manages, creates and maintains
    SQL Server objects. Table and index building tools allow user to
    create a table or index by entering or selecting information without
    requiring an understanding of SQL. Object templates can be loaded
    into the Browser's editor when new objects are to be created, and can
    be customized at each installation. Object definitions are tested as
    the user executes TRANSACT-SQL commands through an interactive window,
    with support of multiple results from a query, the COMPUTE clause of
    the SELECT statement and most SQL Server SET options. Results are
    returned from the data base in a separate window.= No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $249 
    = 1992