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Pro-Cite (V.2.1)
    Pro-Cite (V.2.1)
    Pro-Cite (V.2.1)
        Apple Macintosh
      = Free phone support 
      Organizes and formats bibliographies. Holds unlimited number of
      references from books, journals, dissertations or any other source.
      Includes pre-defined workforms or record types for 26 different media
      sources and allows users to define up to 6 of their own. References
      can be searched, sorted, indexed and formatted into bibliographies.- 
      Bibliographic software program. Stores unlimited number of records in
      a database and 32,000 characters per record. Allows user to
      simultaneously change the workform type on all selected records.
      Includes global edit. Allows user to save and reuse search
      expressions. Automatically replaces shorthand abbreviations with
      complete words or phrases. Searches Microsoft Word and WordPerfect
      documents and text-only files for cited references, and automatically
      produces bibliographies from those references. Includes custom
      character sets. Enables user to organize records in correct call
      number order using either the Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress
      number systems. Organizes documents by sorting database records
      according to a record's workform type. Formats bibliographies
      according to the latest style standards for thousands of journals.
      Allows user to choose between having citation numbers left or right
      justified. Offers print preview. Allows user to view bibliography
      and include headings and page numbers. Executes DOS commands without
      leaving the program.= 640 KB 
      = 256 KB 
      = No 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = $395 
      = 1992 
        Personal Bibliographic Software, Inc.
      Personal Bibliographic Software, Inc.