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Biblio-Links Packages
    Biblio-Links Packages
    = Free phone support 
    Companion programs to Pro-Cite. Transfers records downloaded from
    on-line services, CD-ROM, automated library systems and disk-based
    data products. Transfers bibliographic data elements into appropriate
    fields. Merges records with existing databases or stores records in
    separate Pro-Cite database.- 
    Companion programs to PBS' Pro-Cite. Each program transfers records
    downloaded from on-line services, CD-ROM and automated library
    systems, and disk-based data products, directly into Pro-Cite. The
    various bibliographic data elements, such as author, title, and
    publication date, are automatically transferred into the appropriate
    fields. Records can then be merged with existing databases or stored
    in a separate Pro-Cite database. The Library Biblio-Links Package
    available for the PC, enables he information professional to access
    information from a variety of popular systems including DOBIS, DROLS,
    MUMS, NOTIS, OCLC, SCORPIO, and USMARC format records. The Online
    Biblio-Links Package allows the user access to the world's most
    popular scientific and information databases including BRS, DIALOG,
    MEDLARS, SilverPlatter, and STN. Macintosh Biblio-Links provides
    access to BRS, DIALOG and MEDLARS.= 256 KB 
    = 1 MB 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= No 
    = $195 
    = 1991 
      Personal Bibliographic Software, Inc.