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Best Practice Objects (BPOs)
    Best Practice Objects (BPOs)
    Business and Financial Applications
        = 1996 
      IBM AIX
    Integrated, enterprise-wide business application software that gives an
    organization a process-centric solution to realizing best practice
    performance. BPOs expedite the reengineering process by focusing on those
    portions of processes that help the organization maintain a competitive
    edge: elements such as best-practice enablers, functionality, architecture,
    technology, and implementation certainty. BPOs build on business processes
    in areas such as expense cycle management, procurement processing, accounts
    receivable management, and general ledger processing. Built on Computron's
    multi-tier, open, scalable architecture,. Support a variety of platforms
    including HP-UX, IBM AIX, Digital, and Sun operating systems; and HP 9000,
    IBM RS/6000, and Digital VAX/VMS, Alpha Open VMS, and Unix servers. Support
    Oracle, Sybase, and Informix RDBMSs. Pricing varies by platform.
      Computron Software Inc.
        = Rutherford, NJ , 800–828–7660 
        HTTP= http://www.ctronsoft.com ->