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    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
        = 1996 
    A tool for PowerBuilder developers who need to perform batch reporting or
    need to offload non-user intensive processes to background servers. Batched
    processes can be prescheduled or requested online. They can be
    PowerBuilder- or non-PowerBuilder-based. Any self-contained process that
    can run in a PowerBuilder-supported operating environment can be batched
    through this product. An open systems, client/server equalivalent to JCL,
    bringing automated job routing and asynchronous processing to PowerBuilder
    applications. Features include workload distribution, a reusable
    asynchronous engine, automated job routing, off-line execution of
    user-submitted jobs, automated server load management, and prescheduling of
    periodic jobs and reports. It is network- and database-independent.