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    Query, Reporting, and Analysis Tools
        = 1996 
    manufacturing applications. Integrates client/server access to networked
    data sources with tools for exploring and understanding data and
    communicating results. The product's data navigator provides direct,
    transparent access to data stored in remote data sources, including
    CA-OpenIngres, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SAS, RS/1 tables, ODBC sources,
    and ASCII files. Data can be exported to other graphics and
    desktop-publishing packages, or viewed in a variety of
    Cornerstone-generated graphs, such as xy line and scatter plots, bar
    graphs, interval plots, and 3D surface and contour plots. Features include
    an automatic Workmap that records each step in the analysis process. The
    Workmap displays dataset, graphs, and analysis objects in graphical form as
    connected icons or as a list by name or type. Operates as a client on PC
    Windows, HP700, and Sun-4 platforms. $2000 per Unix user; $1000 per Windows
    user.= $2000 per Unix user; $1000 per Windows user 
    = 1996 
      BBN Domain Corp.
        = Cambridge, MA 617–873–2725