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Assembly Framework
    Assembly Framework
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
        = 1996 
    Part of Cincom's Total FrameWork application assembly environment that
    provides companies with components to assemble cross-functional business
    applications that reflect the real-world business. Uses object-oriented
    technology to build those applications. Comprises a set of business object
    modeling, business object mapping to persistent storage, and team building
    components built on de facto standard object-oriented development
    environments: Smalltalk, Visual C++, and Visual Basic. Developers can use
    the product to build business objects and components and assemble
    applications, rather then rewrite code. Available as a standalone
    environment, or as part of Total FrameWork. The development environment
    runs on Windows, OS/2 (32-bit), and Unix. Pricing starts at $3995 per seat.= Pricing starts at $3995 per seat 
    = 1996