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Aspen/2 Data Manager
    Aspen/2 Data Manager
      AT&T 3B2/UNIX System V
      IBM mainframe, RS/6000/MVS, AIX
    = Lease plans avail. 
    = phone support; on-site support available; addl. 
    support agreement available- 
    RDBMS. Includes development, data compression, English-like commands
    and automatic or customized screen and report formatting. Provides
    abbreviation capability, ad hoc reports and operations.- 
    RDBMS. Offers a random binary file containing tables, dictionary,
    abbreviations and compressed data. Provides a self-contained data
    dictionary that names and classifies data elements. Places no limits
    on number of elements, items or file size. Provides dynamic memory
    allocation techniques to handle processes in memory, or use
    supplemental disk work space for long sorted reports. Allows fields
    and names up to 255 characters. Makes all elements key elements for
    query purposes, and every element in a sorted report a sort key.
    Makes databases smaller than input files with compression utilities.
    Includes a special unknown value to represent missing or erroneous
    data. Recognizes the unknown value in queries and computations. Does
    not distort averages or other computations. Provides the ability to
    hide individual items and elements for security purposes. Restores
    hidden items and elements, or purges them during the copy data base
    process. Updates using a reverse linking process to maintain database
    integrity. Offers three main data types. Offers computations in
    double precision providing 15 digits or more. Offers report two
    outputs, one to the terminal, the other to a printer. Automatically
    formats reports using information from the data dictionary. Includes
    abbreviation capabilities. Checks incoming data against the
    dictionary for validity. Includes four levels of error reporting for
    input data. Allows databases to be partially or completely replicated
    on mainframes and micros by up- or down-line loading using ASCII
      data compression
    = 256 KB 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= No 
    = $595 and up 
    = 10,000 
    = 1980 
      Tekton Software, Inc.
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