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        = 1997 
    Arpeggio for the Developer lets professional developers integrate the data-access
     and information-publishing capabilities of Arpeggio software into custom
     applications. Using AcitveX technology, three APIs provide reliable tools
     for building mission-critical information publishing applications in using
     languages such as C, C++, Powerbuilder, and VisualBasic. Arpeggio for
     the Desktop is a 32-bit tool for database-access and querying, data transfer,
     report generation, and information publishing across an enterprise. Allows
     business users to connect to DRDA- or ODBC-enabled data sources and select
     information easily without knowing SQL. Works with SQL Server, Sybase,
     Oracle, Informix, Gupta, Paradox, DB2, Rdb, Ingres, SQL DB, and any ODBC-enabled
     database.= 1996 
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