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Anthora (V.1.0)
    Anthora (V.1.0)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    Database manager for Windows. Compatible with dBase III and Clipper.
    Allows user to browse multiple databases. Includes graphical-based
    report writer. Provides structured language. Contains most Clipper
    functions. Dialog editor allows user to create/modify customized
    dialog screens. Provides DDE and DLL support. Allows user to work
    with third-party graphics, dialog custom controls and include bitmaps
    and metafiles in databases.- 
    This multi-user database manager and report generator allows the user
    to develop Windows text and graphics applications. Provides the
    ability to create, edit and view records. Users may create, modify
    and index databases. Includes a graphical based report writer and
    graphical based total writer. Browses multiple databases. Allows an
    unlimited number of open databases, open index files, filters and
    databases in a relation set. Features a status window for added user
    feedback and a MDI. Generates a program file which contains the state
    of data files, index files and resources used. Provides over 100
    functions which simulate dBase and CLIPPER functions. Imports/exports
    records to databases and/or text files. Searches by key field, key
    expression, file position, record number and sequence. Uses a dialog
    box editor to create and modify dialog screens. Features a code
    editor, copy/paste program definitions and DDE and DLL support.
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = 1991 
      Exxitus Corp.
          Exxitus Corp.
              7206 Northwest 31st St., Miami, FL 33122
                = 305–593–1516 
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