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Norton Desktop for DOS (V.1.0)
Norton Desktop for DOS (V.1.0)
    Norton Desktop for DOS (V.1.0)
      LAN Manager
    =phone support 
    DOS shell featuring customizable tool bar and pull-down menus, drive
    icons, mouse support and Viewer for viewing text and graphic files.
    Allows user to copy, rename, edit and delete files when viewing
    subdirectory trees. Includes LAN Scheduler, Disk Editor, Disk Doctor,
    Speed Disk, UnErase, SuperFind, Emergency Diskette, Calculator and
    DOS shell. Provides drag-and-drop visual access to DOS files and
    programs. Lets the user run programs from a menu, print, copy,
    delete, view, backup and protect all files. Provides virus
    protection, file recovery and hard disk optimization. Includes
    animated color screen savers. Lets the user arrange files visually.
    Displays more than one directory at a time, up to eight at once. Lets
    the user compare directories, and move files between directories.
    File viewers let the user view the contents of a file without running
    the application. Provides file search Autobuild features. Provides
    transparent background scanning for all known viruses and unknown
    viruses. Detects and eliminates more than 1,000 known viruses. The
    Automatic Scheduler schedules important programs, including backups,
    to run at specific times during the day, week or month. Supports
    unattended programs running at night. Provides pop-up help reminders.
    Includes The Norton Backup. Backs up to any floppy, hard disk,
    network drive or QIC-40/80 tape drive. Restores data from damaged
    backup disks. The Norton Disk Doctor automatically repairs common
    disk problems that produce DOS error messages. UnErase brings back
    erased files from hard disks and network drives. UnFormat recovers
    data from an accidentally formatted hard disk. Norton Advise
    recommends solutions and fixes more than 115 problems common to DOS
    and popular applications.
    =512 KB 
    =1.7 MB