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NIKA_ROOT Actor Professional (V.4.1) Symantec Corp. => Symantec Corp.
NDW Network Menuing Admin Pack (V.2.2) Symantec Corp. => Symantec Corp. => Symantec Corp.
Norton Desktop for Windows (V.2.2)
    Norton Desktop for Windows (V.2.2)
    Norton Desktop for Windows (V.2.2)
        Windows 3.X
        Windows 3.X
        AT&T StarGroup
        DEC Pathworks
        LAN Server
      =phone support 
      Series of Windows file management programs. Allows users to copy,
      move, view, launch, delete and print files by dragging and dropping
      icons on Windows desktop. Includes more than 30 file viewers, printer
      access, backup/restore, SmartErase, shredder, screensaver, launch
      manager, SuperFind, batch language, KeyFinder, icon editor, librarian,
      WYSIWYG environment, Norton Disk Doctor, UnFormat, UnErase, Speed Disk
      and Norton Backup for Windows with QIC 40/80 tape support.- 
      Gives the user access and maneuverability within the Windows
      environment by integrating the functionality of the Windows' Program
      Manager and File Manager. Enables user to launch, copy, move, view
      and delete a file or application by clicking and dragging icons right
      on the desktop. Prints documents by dragging files to any printer
      icon. Includes an icon editor and a library of more than 150 icons.
      Provides UnErase and automatic disk diagnosis and repair program.
      Includes SuperFind which enables user to search and find files or text
      on any disk drive and screen savers. Nests groups of files or
      applications within other groups. Provides the Norton Disk Doctor
      which automatically diagnoses common disk problems and then recommends
      the optional solution. Includes SmartErase for instantly restoring
      erased files. Users can access network printers by dragging files to
      the printer icons on their screens. Provides a screensaver with over
      10 screens that can be tied to standard network passwords for
      security. Displays directories on a drive in a graphical tree
      structure or displays files listed by date, file type or
      alphabetically. Allows users to drag documents to the shredder for
      permanent disposal. Allows the user to view over 14 screens of
      information and choose from a library of over 150 icons.
      =2 MB 
      =11 MB