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Enterprise Developer 2.5
    Enterprise Developer 2.5
    Enterprise Developer 2.5
      Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
      A visual, object-oriented client/server development environment enabling
      development of scalable applications. Its Enterprise Developer's
      centralized business model repository and underlying Scale objects enable
      developers to create applications with a robust infrastructure without
      forcing them to code routine transaction logic repeatedly. As the developer
      builds an application, the Scale object leverages the information stored in
      the business model and enforces transaction logic consistently across any
      number of applications. Enables simultaneous access to multiple
      heterogeneous databases. Connections to SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, DB2,
      XDB, Watcom, Access, and Lotus Notes are optimized by Scale Data Links.
      Upgrading to Team Enterprise Developer provides a shared, multiuser
      business model and development coordination facilities for workgroups. With
      its server-based, multiuser business models, all developers on a project
      can leverage the same business model, sharing a single set of business
      rules and databasedefinitions. Check-in/check-out facilities, version
      control, and interfaces to PVCS are provided to support group development.