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AccSys for Paradox
    AccSys for Paradox
      Visual BASIC
    = Free phone support 
    Family of libraries designed to give user access to data and index
    files for Borland's Paradox database. Network capabilities included.
    Supports Paradox 4.0.- 
    C language interface. Lets programmers working in Paradox, C,
    QuickBASIC and Visual Basic to create, read, write and update Paradox
    files without having to concern themselves with Paradox-specific
    internal file formats. Includes a set of access tools that gives the
    user control over the table files, primary index files and secondary
    index files of the Paradox database management system. Supports
    several C compilers, including Microsoft, Borland, Zortech and
    TopSpeed. Additional features include the ability to build complete
    applications from scratch. Provides functions categorized according
    to their tasks. Includes support for all memory models of the user's
    compiler. Supports record access by record number, by primary key and
    by secondary key. Includes automatic update on secondary index files
    when keyed table is changed. incorporates multi-user/network
    automatic lock handling. Specially designed functions automatically
    lock and unlock necessary files and/or records. A sort function can
    sort a table in both subroutine and standalone utility forms. Creates
    both incremental and non-incremental secondary index files. Provides
    the user with the ability to view a table using its secondary index.
    Provides simultaneous open, multiple indexes and different active
    views of the same table.= 256 KB 
    = 700 KB 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= No 
    = $395; $995 (source code incl.) 
    = 500 
    = 1992