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3DB (V.2.1)
    3DB (V.2.1)
      AT&T UNIX System V
      SCO UNIX
    = $1,200 
    = Free phone support 
    File database program which can act as standalone tool or as
    enhancement to Metamorph program. Allow user to load text files into
    database, search for keywords and terms that exist in database and
    browse through results in context of located text files.- 
    Text index database used alone or in conjunction with Metamorph.
    Creates and maintains an index database of the text files the user
    specifies. Performs retrievals of information present in up to four
    billion files each containing up to four billion characters of
    information. Uses a variable resolution index technique so that
    retrieval performance can be balanced against index overhead. Provides
    adjustable index resolution, integrated full-text file browsing,
    wildcard searching, special expression pattern matching, keyword
    proximity adjustable through text delimiter specification, and flat
    file dictionary maintenance.= 300 KB 
    = 500 KB 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= No 
    = $800 
    = 1991 
      Thunderstone Software
          Thunderstone Software
              11115 Edgewater Dr., Cleveland, OH 44102
                = 216–631–8544 
                = Use main no. 
                = 216–281–0828