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dBase IV (V.2.0)
    dBase IV (V.2.0)
    dBase IV (V.2.0)
        Apple Macintosh
        DEC VAX/VMS
        IBM RS/6000/AIX
        SCO UNIX
        Sun-3, 4, SPARCstation/SunOS
        AT&T StarGroup
        DEC Pathworks
        LAN Server
      = Unlimited free phone support; tech support via 
      DBMS. Allows several PCs in networks to use same database files.
      Allows non-programmers to design forms, generate reports and seek
      information. Includes control center interface tool. Features label
      and report generators that provide WYSIWYG interfaces for designing
      labels and reports. Query-by-example module allows user to perform
      calculations, multi-table joins, summaries, sorts and partial and
      approximate searches. Supports mouse.- 
      Database management system. Organizes datafiles, forms, reports,
      labels and queries into catalogs. Allows up to 40 database files open
      simultaneously, up to one billion records per file, 256 fields per
      record, 254 characters per field, 47 indexes per master index file and
      10 index files open per database. Displays only associated files in
      the control center when the catalog is selected. Organizes data
      logically with files for customers, inventory, sales orders, employees
      and works with the data as if it were stored in a single file.
      Creates database tables, data entry forms, reports, labels, queries
      and applications. Offers a choice of report styles, including
      columnar, form and mail merge. Generates reports that combine
      information from a single data file or from multiple files. Formats
      reports that include headers, footers, subtotals and totals. Creates
      reports with styling features such as bold, underline, boxes,
      superscript and subscript. Creates custom mailing labels, name
      badges, shipping tags and product labels. Includes a complete
      application development environment built on dBase. Generates code to
      user specifications. Includes built-in features that allow LAN users
      to share data while maintaining data integrity and security.
        forms manager
        report management
      = 640 KB 
      = 3.5 MB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = $795 
      = 1993