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Magic Software Enterprises, Inc. 
Management Information Technology, Inc. 
Mantech International Corp. 
Martin's Software 
Meridian Data, Inc. 
Metafile Information Systems, Inc. 
Metapraxis, Inc. 
Micro Business Applications, Inc. 
Micro Data Base Systems, Inc. 
Micro Design International, Inc. 
Micro Focus, Inc. 
MicroSeconds International, Inc. 
Microrim, Inc. 
Microsoft Corp. 
Microsystems Engineering Co. 
Midnight Beach 
More Systems, Inc. 
Mostly Mice Software, Inc. 
MultiWriter Software 
N Systems 
NSI Corp. 
Nantucket Corp. 
Nimbus Information Systems 
Novell, Inc. 
O'Hanlon Computer Systems 
ORA/SQL Consulting 
Object Design, Inc. 
ObjectSoft Corp. 
Ocelot Computer Services, Inc. 
Online Computer Systems, Inc. 
OpenBooks Software, Inc. 
Oracle Corp. 
PC-Systems, Inc. 
PCM, Inc. 
Panttaja Consulting Group, Inc. 
Pathfinder Data Systems, Inc. 
Pegasus Imaging Corp. 
Peninsula Software 
Performance Technologies, Inc. 
Persistent Data Systems, Inc. 
Personal Bibliographic Software, Inc. 
Personally Developed Software, Inc. 
Peter A. Johnson & Associates, Inc. 
Peter Norton Computing 
Phoenix Technologies 
Pinnacle Publishing, Inc. 
Plano Computer Sales 
Platinum Software Corp. 
Platinum Software International 
Platinum Technology, Inc. 
Poet Software 
Point 4 Data Corp. 
Prism Research Group 
Pro/Tem Software, Inc. 
ProVue Development Corp. 
Professional Computer Solutions, Inc. 
Progress Software Corp. 
Prologic Computer Corp. 
Q+E Software, Inc. 
Q-N-E International 
QDB Solutions, Inc. 
Quadbase Systems, Inc. 
Quantum Software Systems, Ltd. 
RIM Technology Corp. 
Raima Corp. 
Recital Corp., Inc. 
Relational Data Services 
Relay Technology, Inc. 
Reltech Products, Inc. 
Research Design Associates, Inc. 
Revelation Technologies, Inc. 
Revolutionary Software, Inc. 
Right on Programs 
SAS Institute Inc. 
STS International, Inc. 
Santa Cruz Operation 
Scandinavian PC Systems, Inc. 
Schneider Associates 
ServerWare, Inc. 
Servio Corp. 
Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems, Inc. 
SmartCode Programming 
Smith, Abbott and Co., Inc. 
SoftKey Software Products, Inc. 
Softbridge Microsystems 
Software AG of North America, Inc. 
Software Clearing House, Inc. 
Software Development Factory 
Software Products International, Inc. 
Software Publishing Corp. 
Software Research, Inc. 
Solana Software International 
Solid Software, Inc. 
Solomon Software 
Solutions Through Analysis, Inc. 
Sony Electronic Publishing Co. 
South Mountain Software, Inc. 
Spectrum Management Group, Inc. 
Spinnaker Software Corp. 
Stairway Software, Inc. 
State Of The Art, Inc. 
Statsoft, Inc. 
Sterling Software, Inc. 
Stilwell Software Products 
Stingray Corp. 
Stro-Ware, Inc. 
Sub Rosa Publishing, Inc. 
Sybase, Inc. 
Symantec Corp. 
Symark International, Inc. 
Symmetry Software, Inc. 
Synchronicity Research Group 
TAB Products Co. 
TSR Systems, Ltd. 
Tandem Computers, Inc. 
Tarbell Electronics 
Tech III, Inc. 
TechGnosis, Inc. 
Tekton Software, Inc. 
The ASK Group, Inc. 
The Burgiss Group 
The Irons Group, Inc. 
The Key Board 
The Population Council 
The Small Computer Co., Inc. 
Thoroughbred Software International, Inc. 
Thunderstone Software 
Timeworks, Inc. 
Tipton Cole + Co. 
Tominy, Inc. 
Trifox, Inc. 
Trinzic Corp. 
Trio Systems 
Twisted Pine Software Corp. 
Ultim Technologies 
Ultrasoft, Inc. 
Uniface Corp. 
Unlimited Processing, Inc. 
VMARK Software, Inc. 
VSoft Development, Inc. 
Vermont Database Corp. 
VersaSoft Corp. 
Vertical Technologies, Inc. 
Via International, Inc. 
Vinzant, Inc. 
Wang Laboratories, Inc. 
Western Wares 
Wizardworks, Inc. 
WordMARC International Corp. 
WordPerfect Corp. 
WordStar International 
Wordtech Systems 
Workgroup Technologies Corp. 
Working Solutionz Software 
XDB Systems, Inc. 
Zephyr Services 
askSam Systems 
dB Dynamics, Inc. 
eSoft, Inc.