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NIKA_ROOT IntelligenceWare, Inc.
IDIS: Information Discovery System (V.1.0)
    IDIS: Information Discovery System (V.1.0)
    IDIS: Information Discovery System (V.1.0)
        Windows 3.X
        Windows 3.X
        LAN Manager
      = support agreement available 
      Analyzes databases, automatically generates hypotheses, discovers
      hidden and unexpected patterns, rules of knowledge, graphs and
      anomalies. Displays results within hypermedia environment. Combines
      automated data analysis, graphics, statistics, induction and
      hypermedia. Analyzes data without requiring user to formulate and
      test hypotheses. Formulates questions, executes them and collects
      Combination of built-in query processing module, a database interface,
      a built-in statistical module for data analysis, a discovery and
      induction module for rule generation, a visualization module, and an
      anomaly detection and constraint enforcement module. Analyzes
      databases by itself, automatically generates hypotheses, and discovers
      hidden and unexpected patterns, rules of knowledge and graphs and
      anomalies. Displays the results within a hypermedia environment.
      Examines databases with a set of built-ion data analysis algorithms
      that automatically form hypotheses about what is relevant. Tests the
      hypotheses to generate rules and graphs that characterize the
      database. Automatic hypotheses formation and testing cycle continues
      until important rules and patterns emerge. Pre-analyzes large
      databases to discover graphs to be displayed. Shows numeric and
      non-numeric data values in 2D and 3D hypermedia graphs. Allows the
      user to click on a box in a 3D box or bar chart and zoom in to see
      further information, perform a relevant query or see the records
      corresponding to the graph in a separate window. Runs continuously.
      Reads formats including Paradox, dBase and ASCII.
      = 6 MB 
      = 3 MB 
      = No 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = VGA 
      = $1,900 
      = 1993