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NIKA_ROOT FFE Software, Inc.
FirstSQL C for Windows (V.2.11)
    FirstSQL C for Windows (V.2.11)
    FirstSQL C for Windows (V.2.11)
        Windows 3.X
        Windows 3.X
      = 90-days free phone support; tech support via 
      fax; tech support via on-line access- 
      Embedded SQL precompiler. Provides direct access to database and
      dBase files from C programs. Applications created can be ported to
      use other database systems including database servers. Includes
      extensions for compatibility with DB2 and Oracle embedded SQL.= 384 KB 
      = 1.5 MB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = $395 (single-user); $795 (network) 
      = 100 
      = 1990