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DataEase Express for Windows (V.1.1)
    DataEase Express for Windows (V.1.1)
    DataEase Express for Windows (V.1.1)
        Windows 3.X
        Windows 3.X
      RDBMS with GUI. Permits users to manage data visually, generate
      reports and navigate through multiple layers of data for information
      without programming. Incorporates DataEase PRISM technology that
      allows users to access information from DataEase Express' native
      database and virtually all network, mini and mainframe databases.
      Includes data and query capabilities.- 
      RDBMS with GUI. Includes PRISM. Automatically connects user to PC
      databases, client/server data engines and mainframe data formats with
      no programming. Allows user to filter, search and update data on a
      single form. Filters records by single or multiple matches to data,
      unique or wildcard matches or sounds like matches. Displays the
      filtered results in form or table views. Sorts results into a
      QuickReport. Allows user to search database forwards, backwards or
      record one page at a time. Creates reports and forms visually. After
      selecting any PRISM data table, user chooses a field layout template,
      clicks a record layout template, clicks for a title or scroll bar, and
      then the program instantly creates a usable form or report. Places
      invoicing and payment data on the same screen side by side. Groups,
      sorts and filters records at any SubForm level. Creates multi-file
      reports from a graphical Data Model. Creates side-by-side lists.
      Allows user to immediately browse and investigate the databases using
      the report as an entrance. Compresses secondary detail information
      into scrollable windows for bottom line reviews. Joins database files
      with fill-in-the-blank prompts, and automatically provides navigating
      and browsing between all files in the database. Allows user to drill
      down into detail files. Provides live reports, automatic entry from
      code tables and linked scrolling of two open files. Offers automatic
      referential integrity. Provides push-button choices for sums, means,
      counts, and high and low data values for whole files.= 2 MB 
      = 6 MB 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = VGA 
      = $395 
      = 1993 
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