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NIKA_ROOT Cykic Software, Inc.
MultiBase (V.5.0)
    MultiBase (V.5.0)
    MultiBase (V.5.0)
      = 30 min. free, then $60 per hr. phone support 
      Multi-user, multitasking database server compatible with dBase
      language standard. Provides platform for application development and
      implementation via standalone, serial, ARCnet, Novell or NetBIOS
      communications protocols. Uses partitioned OS to allow users to
      recompile dBase, Clipper and FoxBase+ applications.- 
      An xBASE client server and development platform that manages all
      database needs, including tools to edit, compile and debug
      applications. Supports single user, multi-user and network modes in
      its own contained environment. Allows fully compatible integration
      with standard DOS applications. Incorporates an xBASE
      language/compiler that includes and extends Fox, dBase and Clipper
      with full graphics and mouse support. Multi-tasking capabilities
      allow users to run more than one job simultaneously. Supports up to
      30 workstations (PC or non-intelligent terminal) via simple serial
      cabling, high-speed networking adapter boards (ARCnet), or can install
      directly into any Novell or NetBIOS network. Supports remote
      communications via modem to remote workstations or to other MultiBase
      servers networked via telephone lines.
        application development
        database server
      = 2 MB 
      = 1.5 MB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $699 
        Cykic Software, Inc.
            Cykic Software, Inc.
      Cykic Software, Inc.
          Cykic Software, Inc.
            Cykic Software, Inc.
              3944 Third Ave., San Diego, CA 92103
                = 800–544–4620; 619–297–0182 
                = Use main no. 
                = 619–297–8074