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NIKA_ROOT Business Tools, Inc.
TAS-Professional (V.4.0)
    TAS-Professional (V.4.0)
    TAS-Professional (V.4.0)
      = Maint. fee $100 per yr.; 60-day free phone 
      support; tech support via BBS- 
      RDBMS. Offers procedural programming language, data dictionary,
      source code editor, screen and report format painter, program
      generator, run-time compiler and data restructure facility. Exports
      data in ASCII files. dBase conversion utilities. Uses Btrieve record
      management system.- 
      Application development system that combines 4GL with a program
      generator, then adds a runtime compiler to produce execution code.
      Generates appropriate syntax. Writes code based on user-defined
      specifications from the screen painter or report writer. Allows user
      to add to applications context-sensitive help, prompts, validations
      and messages. Allows user to have 32 data files open at once, as large
      as 4 billion bytes. Provides record length up to 4090 bytes and up to
      24 key fields per data file. Supports up to 255 characters per field.
      Field type may be alphanumeric, numeric, short date, long date or
      time. Maintains all data file structures on one central location.
      Immune to degradation of file I/O regardless of file size. Reads and
      writes dBase III and III PLUS files. Allows assembler language
      subroutines to support functions not available in the language.
      Supports 4500 command lines per program. Allows 32 screen/report
      formats per program. Provides arrays of up to 255 elements each.
      Nests GOSUBs and structures 10 deep. Allows user to create runtime
      versions of applications that are separate from source code.
      Automatically checks program for syntax errors and command usage
      problems during compilation. Offers WYSIWYG screen painter. Source
      code editor supports standard word processing. Totals and subtotals
      individual columns. Supports use of multiple files, control breaks
      and custom format. Includes browse utility.= 640 KB 
      = 3 MB 
      = No 
      EMS= No 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $149 
      = 10,000 
      = 1985 
        Business Tools, Inc.