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NIKA_ROOT Borland International, Inc.
Paradox (V.4.0)
    Paradox (V.4.0)
    Paradox (V.4.0)
        AT&T StarGroup
        DEC Pathworks
      = support agreement available 
      RDBMS. Uses QBE interface. Supports multi-table, multi-record forms
      for one-to-many and many-to-many relationships. Provides pull-down
      menus, Windows-like functionality, dialog boxes with buttons, SpeedBar
      access to common functions, mouse access, dictionary sort order, query
      restart, multi-user locking, multi-user referential integrity, browser
      and support for PostScript printers.- 
      RDBMS which uses Query By Example (QBE) to ask complex, ad hoc
      questions about data without the need for programming. Delivers
      answers using a built-in query optimizer. Using Borland's proprietary
      VROOMM with Turbo Drive technology, the program automatically senses
      its hardware environment and configures itself for maximum
      performance. SQL Link provides secure, transparent access to data
      residing on SQL database servers. Communicates with database servers
      by translating queries into the appropriate SQL commands and sending
      them to the server. Forms, reports, graphs and most menu operations
      work transparently with SQL data. Builds applications with SQL
      embedded in PAL. Integrates the two languages with PAL expressions
      and functions embedded within the SQL code. Creates complex forms and
      reports displaying multiple tables without programming. Screen
      displays may include scrolling regions containing any number of
      records keyed to the master record displayed. Reports may contain
      data from an unlimited number of tables and include up to 16 levels of
      grouping. Variables and functions may be embedded within reports and
      forms as calculated fields to be recalculated when a report is run or
      a form is displayed. Multiple users can share tables for viewing,
      entering, editing, querying and reporting on data. Features ten graph
      types, selectable fonts, fill patterns, variable colors and page
      formatting/positioning. Imports and exports data between common file
      formats. Includes script record, personal programmer and data entry
        memory manager
        object-oriented technology
      = 1 MB 
      = 5 MB 
      = No 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $795 (single-user); $395 (each addl. network user) 
      = 1992