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Apogee System (V.6.0)
    Apogee System (V.6.0)
      AT&T UNIX System V
      IBM RT, RS/6000/AIX
    = Maint. fee $250 per yr.; tech support via BBS; 
    addl. support agreement available- 
    4GL DBMS. Includes set of more than 200 English-like commands. Calls
    to procedures, loop controls, table and array searches and conditional
    tests define program execution and secondary data validation. File
    handling commands provide control over database records including
    encryption, rollback and multi-user record locking. Mathematical
    commands include rounding, trigonometric functions, logs and random
    numbers. Available in French, German and Japanese translations.
      foreign language
    = 512 KB 
    = 512 KB 
    = $200 and up 
    = 1988