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NIKA_ROOT Apex Software Corp.
VBA Companion
    VBA Companion
    VBA Companion
      Libraries, Components, and Frameworks
          = 1996 
        Windows 95
        Windows NT
      a complete OLE object reference (properties, methods, events, constants,
      help topics, and code templates). Supports system-wide searches and user
      annotations, and lets users produce documentation for objects that they use
      or develop. Add-on to Access 2.0, Access 95, Visual FoxPro 3.0, Visual
      Basic 4.0, Visual C++ 4.0, Microsoft Office 95, and all OLE-compliant
      applications. Ships with both 16- and 32-bit versions. Supports Windows
      3.1, Windows 95, Win32s, and Windows NT. $79.95.= $79 
      = 1996