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NIKA_ROOT INDEX Alpha Four (V.3.0)
    Alpha Four (V.3.0)
      Alpha Four (V.3.0)
        Alpha Four (V.3.0)
          =Free phone support 
          RDBMS and application development system. Creates customized
          applications without need for programming. Includes mouse support,
          multi-file data entry and multi-record scrollable regions on forms.
          Includes real-time and conditional posting, cascading, conditional and
          filtered lookups, referential integrity, colors on forms, summary
          values in field rules and on forms, custom view/browse menus, lookup
          and summary database functions and scripting commands.- 
          A fully-relational database that includes custom menus, sub-menus,
          passwords, macros and help messages. Features 128 fields and 4,000
          characters per record, two billion records per database, forms, browse
          tables, field rules, lookup tables and databases, indexes and search
          and update. Non-programmers can design customized applications by
          completing an outline of the application's menu choices. The user
          creates sets linking up to ten related databases allowing information
          to be accessed in multiple databases simultaneously. Once the set is
          defined, the user can create forms, mailing labels, letters and
          searches. Forms display one record at a time, and can be used to
          view, edit and enter records. Lookup tables provide a list of choices
          for a field, or restrict the entries in a field. Supports over 50
          mathematical, string, date and logical expressions. Allows the user
          to create up to seven indexes per database, and store up to 26 saved
          searches. The package includes a WYSIWYG report layout screen and a
          quick set-up feature. The user can create up to nine levels of
          grouping within a report. The multi-pass feature allows summary
          fields to be defined as pre-processed. Defining values and validation
          expressions, and cross-checking data provide data entry
            application development
          =640 KB 
          =3.5 MB